• There is something truly romantic and intimate about petite weddings.

    When it comes to planning a wedding day, one of the most important decisions you will make is where the ceremony and reception will take place. Have you always dreamt of a grand ballroom reception or the cozy and quaint setting that an outdoor courtyard provides? If you are in the midst of planning a petite wedding with an intimate vibe, courtyard weddings are the perfect setting, and here is why.

  • Have you been wondering what a real COVID-19 2020 wedding looks like?


    The truth is... not a whole lot different! Sure, things are a little spaced apart and you have more intimate group of loved ones wearing masks, but other than that - indistinguishable! See for yourself. 

  • 2020 has been an amazing year in many respects, but as we are all well aware, it has also been a year full of challenging circumstances. Weddings are magical events, a time for togetherness with family, friends, fun, and community.  COVID-19 has been challenging those circumstances, but with creative solutions and a sprinkling of patience, weddings at The Van Dusen Mansion have not only been able to continue but are turning out to be even more memorable than initially planned.