A breathtaking backdrop for elegant celebrations. 


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The Castle

Rising from a pedestal of earth in downtown Minneapolis, this breathtaking and enchanted property is ideal for weddings, corporate events and gatherings of any kind. 

The Van Dusen Mansion is available to host seated dinners for up to 200 guests. Our elite staff employs precision and ingenuity to produce unforgettable events. We look forward to serving you. 

Progressive Style

Are you looking for something truly unique ?  A progressive-style event offers a festive evening where guests journey through ever changing scenery in four distinct and unique areas of the meticulous restored mansion. Each area is more striking then the last. Your guests will be awed with its splendor and be engaged throughout the day with your progressive styled event, exclusivly at the Van Dusen Mansion. 

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Mintáhoe Catering & Events is a leader in the catering industry because we understand your event is truly unique. With Mintahoe, you are able to customize a menu to your preferences and budget.


Our innovative menus are inspired by the latest catering trends and have been recognized with several prestigious industry awards. When you choose Mintáhoe, you will be able to take advantage of countless resources for your celebration. 

What we offer

Ideas & Inspiration


>  Versatile indoor and outdoor spaces

>  Connect to vendors for event tips

>  Elegant, Unique, Old World, Vintage

Budget & Checklist

>  Organized event planning with coordination 

>  Start to finish timeline assistance

>  Starter templates to help stay in budget

Overall Experience


>  Treat guests to a unforgettable experience

>  Hidden gem in downtown Minneapolis

>  Top shelf service

Types of Events

Your Experience

Unique Indoor & Outdoor Experiences 100%
Customization & Personalization Options 100%
Convenience & Simplicity 100%
Raving Guest Reviews 100%

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