The Van Dusen Mansion provides a breathtaking backdrop for elegant celebrations and unforgettable memories. The Van Dusen Mansion is a "progressive style" event center enveloped in elegance and grandeur. Rising from a pedestal of earth in downtown Minneapolis, this breathtaking and enchanted property is ideal for weddings, corporate events and gatherings of any kind. The Van Dusen Mansion is available to host seated dinners for up to 200 guests and cocktail receptions for up to 350 guests. Our elite staff employs precision and ingenuity to produce unforgettable events. We look forward to serving you. Learn more...



Located amidst a modern metropolis, The Van Dusen Mansion evokes a Richardson Romanesque style, complemented by spires and turrets of French Renaissance. It is a stone mason's masterpiece, made entirely of hand-carved pink Sioux Quartzite. When guests enter through the porte cochere, they will be immersed in a lavish interior world adorned with rich woodwork, Persian rugs, stained glass windows and glistening chandeliers. Beyond the mansion, we have several engaging spaces: a two-tiered carriage house, a spacious grand event center and an iron-gated courtyard graced with oriental lilacs, birch clusters and a dry stack stone wall.  Contact us today to schedule a private viewing.




Are you looking for something truly unique ? A progressive-style event offers a festive evening where guests journey through ever changing scenery in four distinct and unique areas of the meticulous restored mansion. Each area is more striking then the last. Your guests will be awed with its splendor and be engaged throughout the day with your progressive styled event, exclusivly at the Van Dusen Mansion.

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You and your guests will love the whole experience! The idea  of progressive event  is amazing. Guests will stay longer and be totally intrigued with what comes next! You cannot say enough about the Van Dusen Mansion and its staff. It's truly a unique and one-of-a-kind venue for your event! 

The work is always in a full swing in our kitchen! Everyone here is on fire when it comes to cooking. Our culinary team are gathered here together to create something really special to impress you deeply. The latest in cooking fashion, best recipes and fresh goods this is the formula of our success.

No less important than good food is a good waitress or waiter. As clear as crystal black and white uniform, nice smile, pleasant manners and perfect walk. A friendly waiter or waitress will treat you like Majesty. Mintahoe's well-trained staff knows exactly how to serve the best visitors and how to impress.

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