Jenna Zamjahn

Event Sales Manager

Jenna's Top 5 Strengths:

Achiever, Maximizer, Developer, Empathy, Positivity

Teddi Gocza

Sales Consultant

Teddi's Top 5 Strengths:

Empathy, Belief, Maximizer, Developer, Responsibility

Hannah Quiggle

Event Planning Consultant 

Hannah's Top 5 Strengths:

Communication, Strategic, Individualization, Futuristic, Developer

The Process


1. Request Quote. Pricing is based on the day of the week (Fri., Sat. or Sun.) and the time of the year.  Budgeting is made easy as most items that commonly cost extra at other venues are include in your single Van Dusen Mansion package price.  Start here, end here!

2. Schedule Tour. Experience the historic Van Dusen mansion first-hand as we guide your through this "castle-like" estate!  Your guests will begin with cocktails in the mansion, dinner in the modern ballroom and end with dancing in the swanky carriage house music lounge.  Each area is more striking than the last!

3. Request Catering Estimate. Our exclusive catering provider at the Van Dusen Mansion is the award-winning Mintahoe Catering & Events!  They would be delighted to customize a catering estimate for you based on your guest count and food and beverage selections.  Mintahoe has been serving the Twin Cities area for over 22 years!