You’ll know when you’ve found the right venue. The perfect venue will fit your vision and budget. If you find yourself debating a venue with your partner, that means it’s probably not the one. We tell our couples that the mansion is their home on their wedding day, and that is truly what your venue should feel like - home.

Planning a holiday wedding offers a unique opportunity to infuse your special day with warmth, charm, and seasonal spirit. From cozy indoor settings to breathtaking winter wonderlands, let's explore how to create the perfect holiday wedding here at The Van Dusen Mansion that captures the essence of the season while celebrating your love story.

Have you ever imagined a real fairytale wedding set in a castle? Your dream can come true at The Van Dusen Mansion! This exquisite venue seamlessly blends timeless elegance with enchanting allure. From its historic ambiance to its vintage details, every corner of the mansion exudes a distinct charm that will captivate you and your guests. Below are some tips for planning your fairytale wedding!

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