Picture the setting: it’s early summer and a warm breeze is blowing through the freshly bloomed trees. You can hear laughter in the distance as you feel the excitement in the air. It’s your wedding day. You have been preparing for this day for months, maybe even your entire life. The fathers are pacing and the mothers are chatting, as they are trying to calm their nerves. You hear the click of a camera shutter and the murmur of staff ensuring that the decor is perfectly in place. The candles are lit and the guests begin to arrive. 


So what day of the week is it?

Based on everything wedding traditions have taught us, you may have placed this scenario on a Saturday. It’s a common idea that weddings only take place on weekends. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore. The idea that a wedding must be on a Saturday is an idea of the past. Don’t get us wrong, a Saturday wedding is MAGICAL and has many pros, but in today's world - with things like pandemic uncertainty and limited options, many couples are opting for weekday weddings for the MANY attractive qualities that a Monday through Thursday wedding might bring to not only you, but your guests as well. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you will likely save. 

Why should I consider a weekday wedding?



Weekday weddings are often less expensive than weekend weddings. Venues, vendors, and other services may offer discounts or lower rates on weekdays due to lower demand. This can help you stick to your budget or allocate funds to other aspects of your wedding.



Popular wedding venues and vendors are often booked well in advance for weekends. Choosing a weekday for your wedding increases the likelihood of securing your dream venue and vendors, especially if you're set on a specific date for your wedding.



Some couples opt for a weekday wedding to extend the celebration beyond just the wedding day itself. You could plan additional events or activities leading up to or following the wedding day, turning it into a longer celebration with your loved ones. This is a great opportunity to spend a little extra time with those you don't see often!



A weekday wedding can stand out as a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. It breaks away from the traditional weekend wedding format and adds a special touch to your celebration.



Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when competing with other couples for popular weekend dates. Opting for a weekday wedding may alleviate some of this stress, as you'll likely encounter fewer scheduling conflicts and have more choices available to you.



If you have guests traveling from out of town, weekday weddings may offer easier access to travel arrangements and accommodations. Flights and hotels are often less crowded and more affordable during the week.



Plan to leave for your honeymoon following your weekday wedding and take advantage of more time with your new spouse!

Photos by: Clewell Photography

But what about my traveling guests? Won't they miss work?

Many traveling wedding guests will likely need to take one to two days off of work regardless of the wedding day of the week - even for a Saturday event. Our mantra is that when planning a wedding (and giving guests the appropriate amount of notice time) those who want to come to your wedding would make it there if it was on Mars. Bookending your wedding on a weekday with a weekend gives your guests a longer experience. The guests will likely also only need to take two days off for your wedding, similarly to your Saturday wedding couple counterparts. 

Ultimately, save some dollars for your honeymoon (or get those extra flowers you thought you couldn’t work into your budget) and create your dream weekday wedding; we’ll see you there! 

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