Last updated: November 19, 2020

The Latest Updates

For COVID-19 and Your Event

Full Capacity: 200  |  We are currently operating at 25% capacity


A four-week pause will be in place between November 20, 2020, through December 18, 2020.


Social Settings

Beginning November 20, 2020 

Do not gather with people from other households.
No indoor or outdoor gatherings, except with immediate household members.
No person from outside your immediate household should enter your home.


Indoor/Outdoor Events & Entertainment

Beginning November 20, 2020

Closed to Public


Places of Worship, Religious Services, Weddings, & Funerals

Strong recommendation for virtual services ONLY.
Weddings, funerals, and other similar planned ceremonies can be held with the current rules in place, but all receptions and gatherings connected to these ceremonies must be canceled or postponed.

Must be socially distanced, limited capacity, masks required


Reception Spaces for Celebrations or Private Parties

Beginning November 20, 2020



Find more information visit: STAY SAFE MN


Cleanliness & Safety

Here at The Van Dusen Mansion, we are committed to the wellbeing of everyone that comes through our space. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure safety while upholding the premier standard of excellence that we promise. We want to assure our clients and visitors that we have enhanced our policies and procedures during this unprecedented time. We want to ensure you can have your event with confidence and comfort, knowing you are in a safe environment and will have the day you always deramed of! Below you'll find the changes we've made throughout the venue, as well as our policies and preparedness plan:

- We continually operate with strict sanitization policies and regularly train our team members in industry-approved safety practices

- All team members will perform a daily health assessment

- All seating options will comply with the appropriate social distancing guidelines. This is currently a limit of 4 persons per table, or 6 if part of one household. (Household: a group of individuals who share the same living situation)

- Floor decals and various signage around the venue to help guests understand and comply with social distance guidelines in common areas

- Venue staff, including bartenders, venue managers, vendors will wear facial coverings and regularly wash hands

- Hand sanitizer will be available to all guests and located throughout the venue

For more resources, check out the MN Events Coalition or the latest updates from the MN Department of Health 

Music & Dancing

Dancing has a higher risk of spreading COVID-19 because vigorous physical activity results in heavier breathing. With high exertion and breathing, the potential for more respiratory droplets to be released in the air is increased. Because of this, dancing at social gatherings and events is not recommended. If you choose to include dancing as a part of your event, maximize safety for attendees by following these precautions:

- Everyone must wear face coverings while dancing at the event. 

- Consider limiting dancing to ceremonial dances with designated participants according to your particular tradition and culture.

- People from different households must maintain social distance while dancing. In order to do this, consider the following options:

          - -  Limit the number of people on the dance floor at the same time

          - - Designate a person (DJ, performer, host, planner, or combination) to monitor and enforce the limited number of people on the dance floor at the same time.

          - - Interrupt the music if crowding occurs. Resume the music and dancing when the crowd is appropriately spaced.

          - - Divide participants into groups using nametags or other methods, and allow them access to the dance floor at different times.

          - - Repeat or split popular songs if necessary so everyone can share the experience.

          - - Consider only playing music that encourages touchless dancing rather than dancing while embraced.

          - - Encourage socially distanced line dancing or other forward facing dances where people are able to maintain 6' of distance.

Bands are allowed, but must maintain social distancing, even during performance. For more information, check out the Music Activities and Performance Guidelines on the MN Department of Health



Recent Interview from A'Bulae

Check out a recent interview from a couple that celebrated their wedding at our sister venue, A'BULAE. Hear all about changes they made to their day, challenges they overcame and how nothing could take away their excitement of getting married!


Postponement Policy

We are thrilled to be able to host weddings and events, as Minnesota continues to safely reopen. We are aware of the current regulations and have worked with our team to strive for legal adherence, while still providing the level of service we expect of our team when bringing your event to fruition. While we intend to host your event, in the case you would like to explore a date postponement due to preferences pertaining to COVID-19, in an effort to provide flexibility for our valued clients, we are offering the ability to transfer to any future Monday - Thursday (year round) or Sunday (November 1 through April 30) date within 12 months of your original event date, or to any Friday or Saturday date within 6 months from the time of postponement, at no additional rescheduling fee. All rescheduling is subject to The Van Dusen Mansion's availability, which may be reflected on our website but is not guaranteed until secured with a Van Dusen Mansion representative via e-mail correspondence. As COVID-19 continues to develop, this offer is subject to change.


From Your Catering Team

Mintahoe Catering is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our clients, their guests, and our staff. To that end, we ask for your acknowledgement that holding an event during this time carries inherent risks, and ask for your support in adhering to state and Mintahoe mandated safety efforts. Requirements include, but are not limited to: modifying menus, service styles or floor plans to meet current safety guidelines, and assisting Mintahoe Catering and its staff in enforcing safe behavior of all guests and vendors. Guests or vendors may be denied service or asked to leave if demonstrating unsafe behavior or endangering other guests or staff. Mintahoe Catering retains the right to modify or cease service if persistent unsafe behavior, such as non-compliance in mask wearing, is observed.


From The VDM Team

Per government mandate, masks are required at our venue for all indoor elements of the event. Masks are expected to be worn by all guests of The Van Dusen Mansion. Social distancing is required. Masks will not be required outdoors, however are still encouraged. Guests will be required to wear masks in the case of an indoor ceremony, with the exception of the officiant, couple, and the wedding party. 


As needed, please remind guests to provide their own face coverings. Guests will be required to partake in a quick health screening upon arrival to the venue. Guests will look to the wedding party to be leaders in this unknown time, this is a great opportunity for you all to set the tone for a fun, safe, and beautiful wedding day! Please feel free to reach out if anything comes up this week, we are happy to help.


If you have already applied for/received your marriage license, make sure to check the expiration date to ensure that it will still be valid at the time of your new wedding date. We want to make sure you're officially married when the time comes!


Check out the verbiage one couple is using for an invite insert:

"We plan to celebrate as safely as possible in these uncertain times. Our venue is very conscientious regarding health and safety - limiting attendee numbers and implementing policies for distancing which comply with state requirements. Masks will likely be required for guests. There will be an “Important Updates” section on our website, kept current with any changes. We hope to have many friends and family share in our joy with us on the day, but completely understand and respect if you would prefer to celebrate with us in spirit."