• It’s the first thing you have to think about when you get engaged. No, not the dress (well, actually yes, the dress is the most important thing) but past that, where are all your guests going sit, dance, and hit up the cash bar? The venue! It sets the scene for what kind of experience you want your friends and family to have on your special day. Whether that is a SoHo-style loft in St. Paul, or a trip to the French countryside only 30 miles outside the city- we have found three top wedding venues that will be sure to set your wedding day apart from the rest.

  • Can you say stunning? That is the word that comes to our mind when we look at this wedding. Laura and Adam had a wonderful (almost) winter wedding at The Van Dusen Mansion. With gorgeous florals and shawls in tow, this couple was ready for anything! Even a little snow on the ground.

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