Ever dreamt of a magical fairytale wedding? Booking a Sunday wedding at The Van Dusen Mansion can give you just that! Today people are looking to create more of an experience with their wedding day and what better way to do that than to host a Sunday Funday wedding.

So you’ve got your venue, and now you’re starting to book your wedding vendors. You can see the pieces all coming together, well... *almost* coming together. The one thing that’s tripping you up is the timing of everything. Trust us, we’ve all been there. Creating your wedding day timeline is really tricky! The hardest part is knowing where to start, but don’t worry - we’re here to help!

So you're starting the wedding planning process, but where do you start? We've got a saying around here, once you find your wedding venue everything else falls into place. And it's so true! Your wedding venue sets the stage for all other aspects of your wedding, including the grand total. Some venues may appeal nicely to your budget, while others check all the marks on your dream list. Luckily, The Van Dusen Mansion has the most amazing packages so you don't have to sacrifice anything.

Based on everything wedding traditions have taught us, you may have placed this scenario on a Saturday. It’s a common idea that weddings only take place on weekends. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore. The idea that a wedding must be on a Saturday is an idea of the past.

You’ll know when you’ve found the right venue. The perfect venue will fit your vision and budget. If you find yourself debating a venue with your partner, that means it’s probably not the one. We tell our couples that the mansion is their home on their wedding day, and that is truly what your venue should feel like - home.

Planning a wedding can be the happiest time of your life, but it can also be a stressful time. From picking a date, to selecting your vendors and everything in between, there are a million things you feel like you need to check off. 


However! There’s a way to cross multiple things off your to-do list with one decision: an all-inclusive venue. Not only does an all-inclusive venue like the Van Dusen Mansion mean you have a stunning ceremony and reception spot, it means we provide a collection of inclusions such as décor, coordination, café lighting and more! several of the other wedding related items.

Planning a holiday wedding offers a unique opportunity to infuse your special day with warmth, charm, and seasonal spirit. From cozy indoor settings to breathtaking winter wonderlands, let's explore how to create the perfect holiday wedding here at The Van Dusen Mansion that captures the essence of the season while celebrating your love story.

Professional wedding photos are one of the only things that will last long after the last dance at your wedding. To ensure that your wedding photo album is picture-perfect, you will want to have some snaps that are traditional, silly, creative, and will keep you smiling forever. To help you, we have put together some great ideas of original, fun, and outside-of-the-box wedding party pics. 

Have you ever imagined a real fairytale wedding set in a castle? Your dream can come true at The Van Dusen Mansion! This exquisite venue seamlessly blends timeless elegance with enchanting allure. From its historic ambiance to its vintage details, every corner of the mansion exudes a distinct charm that will captivate you and your guests. Below are some tips for planning your fairytale wedding!

Whether you're planning a small intimate wedding or a grand celebration, our staff and the award-winning Mintahoe Catering & Events team will help you create a perfectly memorable menu. Whether it's a formal dinner or a cocktail-style reception, the menu should reflect the two of you as a couple.

It’s the first thing you have to think about when you get engaged. No, not the dress (well, actually yes, the dress is the most important thing) but past that, where are all your guests going sit, dance, and hit up the cash bar? The venue! It sets the scene for what kind of experience you want your friends and family to have on your special day. Whether that is a SoHo-style loft in St. Paul, or a trip to the French countryside only 30 miles outside the city- we have found three top wedding venues that will be sure to set your wedding day apart from the rest.