Photos to Make the Perfect Album

A bride is shushing the camera as she is about to go up behind her groom to surprise him for the first look

Professional wedding photos are one of the only things that will last long after the last dance at your wedding.

To ensure that your wedding photo album is picture-perfect, you will want to have some snaps that are traditional, silly, creative, and will keep you smiling forever. To help you, we have put together some great ideas of original, fun, and outside-of-the-box wedding party pics. 


Creative wedding photo ideas go past the characteristic shots that couples expect. They are more imaginative, artistic, expressive, and fun and will definitely give your album the boost it deserves. 

Getting creative on your wedding day with your photography allows your style and personality to shine. We suggest that you work with your photographer ahead of time to plan what type of “creative” photos you want them to capture. You may need to bring props, coordinate with the bridal party, and make sure that the venue will allow for it. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


It’s your wedding day, and it should be exciting, full of energy, and stress-free. Start your morning with your bride tribe (or groom squad) with an over-the-top fun photo. Whether it is popping the bubbly with your best gals in your private bridal suite, while wearing matching robes or jumping on the bed with your maid-of-honor, you can start the day off with some fun stuff. We love the confetti cannon shots, so cute with all your girls in the bed and confetti floating down. Insta-worthy for sure! 


Tip: Find a creative wedding photo idea that allows you to let off some of the giddy excitement, and that sets the tone that today is a memorable and extra exciting day!


Depending on your wedding venue, your photographer may be able to find unique areas that will allow for some pretty cool photos from above. At the Van Dusen Mansion, we have some unbelievable areas that provide beautiful settings for these photos. How about a photo taken of you during your first dance at our Carriage House, or an overhead shot of your ceremony or reception in the lush outdoor Courtyard. 


What a romantic idea! Stand on either side of the door, hold hands, and read your wedding day love notes from each other. This moment is a cute alternative to a First Look if you are choosing the traditional route and waiting to see each other until you are walking down the aisle. This creative wedding photo idea is one you will truly cherish in your album. 


What amazing photos you can capture with an umbrella. It seems like such an unusual thing for wedding photos, but with or without rain, umbrellas make some magical photos. What’s so cool about this prop is the images look great if it is just the couple or the entire wedding party.


Everyone loves to have a good time and get a little rowdy on the wedding day, and we can’t blame you. There have been months (or years) of planning, tons of decisions, and stress, and now the day is finally here. Time to let off some steam and have fun! Here are some of our favorite silly wedding photo ideas. 

Goofy Socks

Guys love to have fun and plan things that are totally unexpected by the bride. And goofy socks are right up their alley, so why not have fun with it. Let your photographer know ahead of time that the guys will be wearing some unique socks so that they can make certain to get some great shots!


Wedding Pyramid

Use different elevations in the venue to create the pyramid. Place the bride or groom at the highest point and then the supporting tribe at the lower levels. It’s a great way to showcase not only the venue but the couple and bridal party.


Get In Line

Super cute or cool photos for both the bride and her tribe and the groom and his squad. In this type of photo, the bride or groom is in the front, and then the bridal party pops out behind them. We love it because it really shows the energy and love that each of you has for each other.


Group Hug 

Nothing wrong with a little love for your bro. A great photo op for the guys is to tackle him for a giant group hug unexpectedly. Make sure you coordinate with the photographer, so they know the signal to get ready to capture this perfect moment of friendship and surprise.

A bride is surrounded by her groomsmen and she is laughing as they ooh and ah at her new wedding band


Everyone loves to have a good time and get a little rowdy on the wedding day, and we can’t blame you. There have been months (or years) of planning, tons of decisions, and stress, and now the day is finally here. Time to let off some steam and have fun! Here are some of our favorite silly wedding photo ideas. 

Getting Ready Photos

These wedding photos are natural, casual, and make for some of the most fun photo ops for brides and grooms. Before all the glitz and glamour of the dresses, jewelry, and tuxedos, get some candid snapshots of the process to get ready! This will totally help ease the stress of being photographed all day. And with your best guys by your side in a stylish and trendy groom suite, you can relax, unwind and get some fun getting ready photos. 


Generational Photo

Families are the backbone of our communities, and on your wedding day, you should honor your loved ones with extraordinary photographs. Take a few snapshots of the different generations to fill your wedding album with lovely images of your family. Some great ideas are a photo of all generation couples kissing in a similar pose or a picture of each of Grandma, Mom and Bride hands showing the wedding bands. 


Empty Reception Space

This is a must! Make sure that you talk to your photographer and make sure that they know you want photos of your reception space before guests get there. You took so much time to plan and create the wedding decor that you can’t forget to have it photographed. Ask your photographer to get there early to take pictures of the table setup, decor, florals, menus, etc. When you look back in twenty years, you can see the real wedding day vision.

Wedding day photography is all about capturing your love story on film. Make sure to forget about any fears of the camera and embrace the love and excitement of the day.