Petite Weddings: Creativity, Togetherness and Intimacy

A groom dip kisses his bride underneath a brick walkway outside of the mansion

2020 has been an amazing year in many respects, but as we are all well aware, it has also been a year full of challenging circumstances.

Weddings are magical events, a time for togetherness with family, friends, fun, and community.  COVID-19 has been challenging those circumstances, but with creative solutions and a sprinkling of patience, weddings at The Van Dusen Mansion have not only been able to continue but are turning out to be even more memorable than initially planned.

Here’s one way we are making that happen at The Van Dusen Mansion!


Intimate weddings, also known as Petite Weddings, are a way to connect on a deeper level with guests on your special day. Have you ever been to a wedding but only gotten a quick hello and goodbye with the bride and groom? You were probably happy to share their day with them but didn’t get much quality time with the couple. If you want to truly celebrate your day with each individual guest, and ensure that everyone gets to spend time with each other, then a Petite Wedding is the way to go. 


The day is only so long and there is only so much time for the ceremony, pictures, food and drinks, and all of the traditional wedding activities. Having a more intimate wedding means giving yourself the space and time to actually interact with your guests. 


You won’t have to worry about pictures taking too long and not being able to see all of the special people you’ve chosen to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Instead, there will be plenty of time to meet, greet, celebrate, and have fun. Which is really the point of the day, right? You’re celebrating the joining of two lives and two families. Of course, you should have fun!


We are here to make it easier for you!


While you may not be able to have your entire guest list present, you can also still invite them all to celebrate with you! Live stream your wedding day, and consider creating a virtual event for those family members who can’t travel. Let us know what means most to you; our team is here to handle all of the details for you.


Small but mighty as they say. We are still committed to providing you with the unique, curated event of your dreams. Without the stress and hassle of having to plan it yourself. 


Speaking of the budget - let us take care of arranging the photographer, videographer, flowers, officiant, music, and food! Let us know what’s most important, and what works for your budget, and then all you need to do is show up with your dress, tux, and partner! 


We also still provide day-of wedding coordination, because even the smallest weddings still need to be planned and executed well. So, not only do you not have to worry about a huge guest list, you’ll also not have to take on any of the stress.

A groom and his bride kiss underneath the floral archway in the courtyard


We have contracted with in-demand, reliable vendors to help take care of all the tiny details. Your petite wedding will still have all the bells and whistles of a full-sized affair. Along with your reservation, you’ll also have access to a professional videographer and photographer.


A virtual addition to the event is a wonderful idea, and how amazing would it be to send your virtual attendees a copy of the video created at the event? They’ll be able to relive anything they missed and you’ll have the perfect memento of your special day. 


Plus what’s a wedding without pictures right? 


We’ve made the process of finding a talented videographer and photographer super easy because they’re already ready and available for your special day. No need to vet them because we’ve already done it for you! Music, floral, dessert, and champagne are all provided as well, because a special celebration always deserves to be celebrated with entertainment, bubbly and of course something sweet.


If you’re tired of delaying your wedding hoping for the state of the world to change, then it may be time to consider a Petite Wedding.

Your day is still the number one priority for our team no matter how big or small the event is. If you’re ready to have your special day without having to deal with the stress of the details, let's chat! We are ready to make all of your Petite Wedding dreams come true.