The Perfect Covid Valentine's Day

 The month of love is once again upon us, and you might be stressing about the perfect gift to get your significant other. After the year we’ve all been through, and the below zero temps we’ve been facing, we deserve a win in the love category...right? But what’s the perfect gift? How do we make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet? 

While we all wish we could go ice skating, out to our favorite restaurant, or maybe go see that cheesy rom-com in theaters, life is deciding to challenge us a little (okay, a lot) this year. Despite everything, we know you can still have the BEST Valentine’s Day with your loved one this year. Don’t believe us? Keep reading. We bet you’ll find an idea or two!

Your very own restaurant - at home

If you didn’t score a reservation at your favorite restaurant, or would maybe rather stay home, you can bring the restaurant atmosphere to you! Plan a special meal for your significant other that will challenge your cooking skills. Light some candles, tell Alexa to play “restaurant music” (seriously!), and pour two glasses of wine. Throw on your chef hats & aprons and enjoy each other's company while you make a delicious meal! 

Bring the restaurant to you

Okay, so maybe that home-cooked meal didn’t quite turn out, or maybe you know cooking is NOT your strong suit. Thank goodness for food delivery! Instead of ordering your go-to meal from your go-to restaurant, have your partner order one meal and you order another. The idea is that neither of you know the meal or restaurant you are getting, which makes for a fun surprise at dinner time! We especially love this idea for any long-distance couples. Each of you orders a meal for the other, then you can facetime to enjoy them together. This really shows that your partner was thinking of you, and will make you feel so loved! 

Throw it back - build a fort!

This idea might seem a little silly at first, but trust us - it’s magic. Throw it back to your childhood days and build a cozy fort in your living room. Snuggle in with your Valentine, and watch your favorite movie or TV show. This is such a fun way to make your weekend movie routine a little more special, and you’ll be nice & warm surrounded by all of those blankets. Bonus - if you have any kids, they will LOVE this family movie night idea! 

Special game night

Get out all of the old board games, card games, & get creative by inventing new games! You can make a game night extravaganza by combining all of the games on one giant scoreboard. The two of you will play each game (or an abbreviated version of each game) and get the respective points based on your scoreboard. Make it extra fun by adding in some bonus rounds - i.e. how many summersaults can you do in 30 seconds?! The sillier, the better. You two will be laughing the night away! The loser has to give the winner a back massage, cook dinner, or whatever prizes you can think of! 

Romantic scavenger hunt

This is one of our favorite ideas! Start the evening off with an exciting scavenger hunt around the house. Instead of each clue just bringing them to the next destination, have each clue be a reason why you love your significant other. We guarantee that your partner will feel SO loved and that this Valentine’s Day will go down in the books. Plus, what better way to end your scavenger hunt than with one of our other ideas?

Share your dreams

When you’re all snuggled up together after your perfect Valentine’s Day at home, get lost in your dreams together. Covid-19 will not last forever, and we will (hopefully soon) be able to do all of the things we once loved. Start dreaming about your next vacation you’ll take together, your dream house, or your future fur-baby. It is so important to share your dreams with one another! Dreams are an intimate thing, and you will feel even closer to your love after discovering each other's dreams. 

Thinking about popping the question this Valentine’s Day? Come visit us after - we can’t wait to hear your love story & start planning! ❤️